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Families..they are our world aren’t they?

Whatever your need or occasion, we would love to photograph you and those closest to you. Choose to come to our friendly and relaxed studio or alternatively we can go out on location at a place which is important to you.

Get in touch with us now to enquire about a portrait session or event…

There are special times in our lives which have a need to be recorded, an engagement, the birth of a child, a parent’s wedding anniversary. Sometimes we simply just want a beautiful portrait of our loved ones.

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Newborn Photography

Photography By Us

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The miracle of a new life.  

Very soon your bundle of joy will be here and what better way to capture this moment than with portraits you will look back on for years to come.  

The best time for your Newborn session will be within the first 2 weeks.

Our priority with a Newborn Portrait is safety and we are continuously attending workshops and training to make sure we are fully up to date with what is best for you and your little one. As an all female team, with children of our own, we are here to create memories of this very special moment in your journey. Our studio books up very quickly especially for Newborn Portraits so it’s important to book a date and time with us before their arrival. We fully appreciate that we sometimes have to tweak appointments as they can be early or late but that will then give us more scope to be able to do this.

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Newborn Photography

Oakley Studios

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This portrait session makes the perfect new baby gift or baby shower present.

Bring your little one along for their very first portrait session. The session is designed to capture that beautiful, delicate and oh-so-new look which disappears all too quickly.

The perfect way of cherishing memories of when they are very small,  We’ll make the time to take some images with the proud parents as well if they wish – your very first family portrait!

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David & Sue Doyle are the latest members of the Master Photographer’s Association (MPA) to be awarded their exclusive “Newborn Certification” status in Luton.

Newborn baby photography is incredibly popular, but, without the correct procedures in place, is fraught with potential problems that could cause serious harm to such precious subjects

MPA Newborn Certification is awarded to photographers who operate using an extra “layer” of safety measures specifically aimed at photographing newborns.

By submitting a comprehensive document detailing all of their newborn photography safety practices and systems, David & Sue Doyle have now joined an elite group of professional photographers worldwide who have been assessed by the MPA.

The Certification process analyses health and safety information and covers areas such as maintaining a suitable temperature for the newborn, sanitisation of props and equipment, and looking for telltale signs that a newborn is in distress.

The MPA is the premier qualifying body for professional photographers in the UK and introduced the Newborn Certification scheme to protect the public against rogue photographers who operate without insurance or health and safety measures. Paul Cooper, MPA director of qualifications said “It’s difficult for the public to know if they are booking a professional to capture images of their new baby as anyone can buy a camera and trade as a photographer. By looking for the “Newborn Certified” logo, and checking with the MPA, we’re aiming to provide a level of reassurance that hasn’t existed before. By achieving Newborn Certification, David & Sue Doyle have shown that they operate their business with the welfare of the baby as their primary concern”.

Newborn health & saftey qualified Master Photographer

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Newborn Photography

Anita Mason

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A new baby!!

What a special gift, changing your lives forever, many congratulations.

With a long history of photographing babies, being part of the Master Photographers Association for many years and now loving being a grandparent, I still have pride and enjoyment from documenting this very special time in your baby’s life. There is a very small window of opportunity for taking newborn portraits, mainly the first 2 weeks, booking as soon as possible is highly recommended.

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